Friday, September 9, 2011

theyyam almost forgotten dance form of

The almost forgotten dance form is a shame to lose in this day and age as trends shift and blow in the wind like a weathervane on a cupola it becomes very apparent that times are rapidly changing and the old ways give way for the new.
Indian dance is not just a passing trend, but an important part of a rich heritage and tradition that has been passed within families for many many generations. While some youth are beginning to realize what is happening to the history of dance, most are blind to its' very being and all the beauty and nuances within.
North Malabar has the type of history that is hard to describe with mere words, yet just the memories relayed by family are enough to conjure up visions of a place so rich in tradition that seems all but lost in this day and age. Traditional dances are not just being lost here, but in cultures all across the world. What would the rooster say to this? It is most certainly a shame and a great loss to our communities.!/2011/09/theyyam-almost-forgotten-dance-form-of.html